On-Demand Webinar

How Wovenmedia & Sharp/NEC revolutionized floor-projected video at
big-box retail

Learn how strategically placed ceiling-mounted laser projectors controlled by an industry-leading Content Management System (CMS), have turned unused floor space into a dynamic, powerful, new promotional platform, with monetization opportunities for every big-box retailer.

Topics discussed:

  • How Sam’s Club successfully deployed this solution across half its chain in just six months, and how they are using it to enhance the member experience. 
  • How using floor-projected video boosts sales when placed adjacent to related products and can assist in wayfinding in large retail spaces.
  • How new tech advancements like laser projectors significantly increased brightness and sharpness, making projecting from high distances more effective than ever before.
  • Why creating content for this floor-projected application allows you to think “outside-the-box” because you’re not confined to the 16:9 format. 

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